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it is. our. welcome to the hk use like i'd take it to the bike in tokyo with the latest us to stop japanese defence to study too naughty little dots as chinese punk and jax did not approach the japanese self defense force aircraft in china is new and defense identification zone. although the remark came up to friday's announcement by china. it has crumbled if i can shoot a scene is called to ministry at croft from japan cents tn in the us and telling did so. well the dow said he has been informed the dumbest most of whom approached by chinese aircraft as announced by china. we've even done to prove it would've been if there was no special circumstance that needs to be made we will continue our monitoring activities. it's getting silly with us the house and it is important to japan and china to respond calmly to the situation he said. it is only rational to exercise the toll was trying to prevent unforeseen contingencies. chinese all for the steps of santa ana ca often coming to self must notify them of flight times and obeying day instructions they warned that will take what they
can ride our bikes there and then we can take muni home and it even shows us how to take the bikes on the bus, so simple right here on my phone. >> neat. we can finish making travel plans over dinner, now let's go eat. >> how about about that organic vegan gluten free rest rft. >> can't we go to the food truck. >> do you want to walk or take a taxi. >> there is an alert right here telling us there is heavy traffic in soma. >> let's walk there and then take a taxi or muni back. >> that new website gives us a lot of options. >> it sure does and we can use it again next weekend when we go to see the giants. there is a new destination section on the website that shows us how to get to at&t park. >> there is a section, and account alerts and information on parking and all kinds of stuff, it is so easy to use that even you can use it. >> that is smart. >> are you giving me a compliment. >> i think that i am. >> wow, thanks. >> now you can buy dinner. sfmta.com. access useful information, any all right. thank you for coming thank you for coming and exercising is unveiling of our office. t
flying a colombian plane would hit the camp using a us-made bomb with a cia controlled frame." the national security agency was key to the program funded through a multibillion-dollar black budget. we will speak with a reporter who wrote the restore he dana priest dana priest,. then, mikhail kalashnikov has died. rifleented the assault also known as the ak-47. weapons should only be in the hands of those people who defend their country, that is the defense not to attack. i design the rifle not for international conflict, but to protect the borders of my homeland. >> all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!, democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. u n secretary-general ban ki- moon is calling for near doubling of the international peacekeeping force in south sudan amidst spiraling violence. on monday, he asked the security council to send up to 5500 more troops. watching, all sides in south sudan, attacked civilians and the u.n. keys peeping -- you in peacekeepers to protect the must sees immediately. those responsible at the senior level wil
. hackers stole data from up to 40 million credit cards used it target during the height of this year's holiday shopping season, accessing the information theugh swipe machines in checkout line. the nfl wants to throw a flag on the fcc which is considering listing the blackout rules that keeps some games off tv unless the stadium is full. is technology already trumping this 40-year-old rule? million shares of facebook are about to hit the market in a secondary offering. it is the first one since the social network went public 18 months ago. facebook will sell 27 million class a shares and mark sucker berg is selling more than 41 million shares and mark selling 1.6s million. in a statement, facebook says -- the secondary offering that nearly $4 billion and facebook shares are trading down on this news. cory johnson is in new york with more in today's drill down. should investors be worried? >> i don't know if the stock eating down one percent is a reaction but the float out will go up. always focus on businesses and non-stocks but the stock has been very interesting because ofre has
of the main color it did because it is not as in april. i did not have the option of using gauging our balcony. i promised hubby cannot afford to do that we have our interests and the stability of the country under the gun capacities in my view is the only way followed up with a useful role of an ideal situation in my view would be enough on this farm that is capable of beating tickets in total i mixed some time in his vision of excellence at all. so what we're talking about here is constant and it would be a concrete them. i didn't try to head the model can be legally capacities as for the ne quadrant as for the dishes and he got beat ati is an age of ten of the new stunt and has admitted to dance to the angel is in assistance in the atm and the two countries signed a strategic partnership agreement of the sun is in the speech free to e g treats and took a shot at seven point six billion u s store next to me this time of common stock in the pipeline is scheduled to start bringing natural gas from the meanest on to india of the foreign ministry spokesman said it is up to the site to decide who
providing care to our -- in terms of land use projects of a medical nature it looks like san francisco is on track to meet resident's evolving health needs. now i'll turn the presentation over to claudia florez planning department. >> i'm going to cover the recommendations components of the plan in which came out of the data analysis for which lori gave you the highlights. the recommendations align with the work that the department of health is already doing and the structure presented in the plan mirrors the values of the health improvement plan er chip which was finalized in december 2012 as lori mentioned. not only made stronger work and the hospital needs assessment projects but also helped bring everyone together so that all of these projects working from the same foundation of information and on the same health priorities. these 3 are the community the 3 communityies identified and under which the master plan recommendations are lined up. in the plan each recommendation is followed by a serious of guidelines that detail specific areas. i'm not going to go into that level of
of tools. many of them are a great beginning for us to use as reference, particularly as a planned submittal. as we go to the specifics of the various submittals. and i basically took all of the forms by which the word submittal appears from conditional use to variance and on and on. it's a minor tweak to reference the plan submittal guideline as being the one obligated and consistent requirement. which would refer to in our document. i have taken the pdf and marked up all the wording which refers to drawing submittals, and inserted where the same word but where they are different and where they might need one comment as common reference to the planned submittal guidelines. i suggest that i ask the president that this be distributed to all commissioners to individually read through what it is, and why it comes to us. it's confusing but how we could altogether make it simple to have the results we are looking for. and save a lot of headache for those that come and we say, we can't hear your case. the one thing that i asked to add, and perhaps what commissioner antonini tried to touc
>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton with a look at the top stories. >> the u.s. is sending military aid to iraq to help them fight al qaeda. they are targetting forces in the anwar province. 18 troops were killed in an ambush on saturday. african leaders are in south sudan negotiating an end to the violence that gripped the country for two weeks. 1,000 people have died in the fighting. the u.n. is sending in peacekeeping troops and equipment. a russian investigation found no trace of poisoning in the death of palestine leader yasser arafat. >> experts found evidence of a lethal substance polonium in arafat's remains. >> help is on the way for 74 passengers on board a ship caught in icy antarctic orders on tuesday. a professor travelling with the group heard from a chinese ice breaking vessel on round to free the ship. >> holiday sales up 2%. megadiscounts were considered one driving force behind the increase. those are the kheadlines. "consider this" is up next. >> surprising new details about the u.s. mission in iraq. the american military is now helping the fi
drones, rockets and missiles. so consider this, did the u.s. leave iraq too early? and what does that mine for america's mission in afghanistan? also, edward snowden sends a special holiday message back to the u.s. saying mission accomplished. but what is the real impact on the nsa? also, a plus sized barbie reigniting a firestorm of controversy over what childhood dolls should look like and their impact on body image. and a british invasion on tv. why are sherlock, downton abbey and other shows from the uk all the rage here on american tv sets? hello, everyone. i'm adam may sitting in for antonio mora. welcome to "consider this." we begin with two international hots spots where u.s. policy does not seem to be working write now. starting in iraq, more than two years after president obama declared the iraq war was over, now the u.s. is sending hellfire missiles and surveillance drones to that country as the baghdad government battles a renewed al qaeda insurge incy. more than 7,000 civilians, close to a thousand iraqi security forces have died in attacks just this year alone. amon
treated. my book is about lincoln and u.s. foreign policy. part of the reason there hasn't been about lincoln's foreign policy in nearly 70 years. a human narrative about it. that's before the lincoln papers were released and library of congress in 1947. so there's a lot of water under the bridge since then. but i think one of the reasons there's no book about his foreign policy. he a strong and competent secretary of state. he didn't do everything in foreign affair. but the things he did do are really important. and so i've sliced it a little differently. i've taken look at the things that lincoln did do in foreign releases without saying he did everything or everything right, by the way. he made some mistakes too. >> was foreign policies all tied in to the civil war? >> well, we treat the civil war period in this. i have a chapter early on about the mexican war. lincoln was a freshman congressman in the house of representatives during the end of the mexican war in the 1840s. lincoln was opposed to the origin of the mexican war. one of the first speeches in the house of representativ
is the only way followed up with a useful role of an ideal situation in my view would be enough on this farm that is capable of beating tickets in total i mixed some time in his vision of excellence at all. so what we're talking about here is costing me one of the afghani people. i'm trying to paint the model can be legally capacities as for the ne quadrant as for the dishes and he got beat pti is an age of ten of contest on and has the chance to think dylan is in this instance. in the atm and the two countries signed a strategic partnership agreement of the sun is in the us teach the two in eighty dates and take a shot at a seven point six billion usd list to me this time of common stock in the pipeline is scheduled to start bringing natural gas from the meanest on to india the foreign ministry spokesman said it is up to the site to decide who signs the us backed light united states secretary of state getting sedation that the defence chiefs signed instead of reports. please he sees it does not love gun to subdue home because i need to decide who signs a security pact with the united states
medical uses of a certain size will be subject to a consist see determination and the process is a requirement of the master plan ordinance previously adopted by the board. the consist see determination process will weigh project merritts and the task and encourage the development of needed healthcare infrastructure and without creating negative land use consequences. consist see determinations first incentives this determination could apply to project on balance address the guidelines as being eligible for incentives. may be second the consist determination this would apply to those projects that positively impact health or healthcare access but don't specifically address the recommendation that identify eligible for incentives and lastly inconsist determination could apply to projects that do not positively address the guidelines and conversion ly projects that adverse ly effect access to healthcare may also receive this inconsist determination these determinations will be based on a balanced assessment of the project as a whole and will be made by the department of publ
dead by a lebanese army sniper. >> he's behind some of the biggest intelligent leaks in u.s. history. spy officials are talking about an amnesty for edward snowden. the first pictures from china's mission on the moon. >> al jazeera's correspondent in the syrian city of aleppo says more than 120 people have been killed in a helicopter attack. activists say government forces dropped barrels full of explosives on civilians on sunday. many of the dead were children. a warning this report contains graphic images. >> this is being described by activists as one of the worst days of the syrian war in a long time. opposition groups say syrian forces used helicopters to drop barrel bombs on to at least 10 neighbourhoods in aleppo. volunteers are begging for help. >> translation: we have not rested since morning. more than 10 different areas in aleppo came under bombardment. as you can see this is the only equipment the civil defense team has. we don't have other tools or equipment. >> it's not the first time government forces used barrel bombs. they are made with large cinemas, packed with exp
, and lockheed martin -- what do they all have in common? they are all exploring the potential use for facial recognition technology. in the future, your face print, not your fingerprint, could be a good tool for marketers. megan hughes joins us with more. this mean for people's privacy, other than waking -- making them wear a mask? >> that is something the obama administration has just started looking at. that does not seem very realistic for the day to day life. the calmest -- commerce department is bringing together industry groups like the national retail federation, which represents walmart, and also civil liberties groups like the aclu. they are meeting in february and the goal is to have a code of conduct agreement by june. the technology they will be talking about at these meetings -- remember the movie minority report in 2002? it portrayed this futuristic world where cameras in public places could read people's faces and target ad specifically to them. not there yet, but the technology is absolutely there. cameras can take better pictures in public places. can matchet giant photos to
to the tent again. i know. still the lead the day the eye the us. it is in the is you his yards are i love the falls cheese each day and some onions served with him in prison on robben island the project. they said technical problems that lets it go to auntie jen has already ceased to be standing by and he said. he tells about the ceremony so far and about and you can eat. and what does one stop for the engine then again it was tuesday to seat backs and the preceding stopped. they said it's not an awesome and data was very respectful of all the major faiths effective organizations in south africa in nineteen ninety four when she became the first democrat to the effective president of south africa. before he was in all due date if he had nando's of all the major faiths come and say a pray for him before he was in all give a kid and today i think it is also an effective for all the major faiths in south africa to start the proceedings which the press not think any states mint has imprisoned but nelson and data. he was on robin on a team. he's an old saying he's also an old homemade and yet t
thinks investors can make money. transportation for us means the transport of global goods and services. we are focusing on that in a couple of different ways. we have a port operator, dp world. it is a way to play the global shipping transportation. this implies economic health in the fact that goods are actually being shipped around the world. you are seeing that. >> we are. we think the global growth picture will be better than and 2013. global economy that is growing, we have noticed that the merchandise exports as a percentage of gdp is doubling at a faster rate than any time in world history. and gloom anddoom talk about unemployment and the u.s. growing slower than it should, you can listen to that data and recognize there is global growth. wille fundamental changes be better in 2014 dan 2013. 1.7% -- 1.7% in 2013. it will grow more in 2014. the contraction and fiscal policy will be less next year. >> we are focused on alternate assets on this show. how does water work? consumptionl pattern is directly correlated to rising global incomes. if we are right that the world's populati
and the primary use of this plan will be for the planning department and they will be reviews project applications against the plan to determine consist see and as supervisor campos mentioned it goes far beyond what was written in the legislation the board of supervisors will certainly have this document to reference in the future as will wee in the department of public health it's an extraordinary collection of information and i think it's going to guide a lot of wonderful healthcare processes going forward so we took a 2 fold path to this master plan first of all our first push was for quantitative information and we initiated that process by looking at more than 150 quantitative indicators to complete the health status assessment and a parallel process going on in the department of public health a community health improvement plan so this was an excellent compliment to that process and to see a snapshot of the residents among different populations and neighborhoods and quantitative information and the five assessments. but in addition to that we didn't want to get bogged down in the numbers w
. everyone thought they knew erma. she laid her life out for everybody to see. she told us about what life was like in suburbia. throughn in the 1960's 1990's. one of the wonderful things about her -- she wrote mainly humor. it was humor that was accessible to everyone. it was humor that happened in everybody's lives. they might not recognize it until they saw it written. because funny things happen to us all the time, but we have to be on the lookout for them. she was the one that focused our attention on the funny things that happened. things that at the moment seems like craziness and driving you nuts. when you look back at them, you think that was really funny. that is a real gift. that is a literary gift. the life and times of erma bom beck this weekend. c-span2.noon on >> c-span. we bring public affairs of ends from washington directly to you. when you in the room at congressional hearings and white house event. offering complete gavel-to-gavel coverage of the u.s. house. all as a public service of private industry. the cable tv industry 34 years ago. headed by your local cable or sa
about u.s. intelligence activities over the past few months have sparked a very public bait in this country -- debate in this country about about the kinds of information the government should be gathering and how we protect the privacy of the americans where we have done something -- nothing wrong. these disclosures have harmed the country's national security, but made americans safer than usual over how their lives, online and off-line, can be tracked, monitored, and analyzed. people are aware of that. not to the extent in great britain, where they are so accustomed to being videotaped on everything they do. we are still adjusting to that. i am glad that we are talking about these privacy issues in general. today we have all benefited from rapid advancement in computer technology but also there is personal freedom. we always use the word cherished, but we do, and it is a complicated subject. we want to be able to protect ourselves and loved ones from the unwanted gaze of the government, and of our neighbors. what has been missing from this conversation so far is the role o
and internet use, but a new together following this raises new questions about how far is too far when it comes to bosses tracking workers. >> a mainstream paper gets a marijuana reporter. the man who just got the highest-minded beat at the denver post will join us. i'm an tone i antonio mora. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, the a.t.f. in an effort to get guns and drugs off the street set up undercover store fronts in high crime areas and used mentally disabled men as unwitting pawns in their operations. i'm joined from milwaukee by the main investigative reporter in the series on the a.t.f. sting operation. that thanks for joining us. this story began for you and your paper with a botched a.t.f. sting in milwaukee. what happened there and how did that lead you to this larger story of a.t.f. stings around the country. >> what we found was a series of follow-ups and failures in that sting operation, including agents having their guns stolen, as you mentioned, a mentally disabled person being employed to promote the store, then they turned around and charged that individu
of computers and now mobile phones are changing the way we write to each other because we use abbreviations and acronyms and emoticons. we are not using all that many. and i'll tell you what they mean by that in a second. our social relationships are changing incredibly and i'm going to suggest or personal, individual psyches are changing as well. >> let's go through those. >> you bet. let's start with how we read. it's pretty clear is when you're reading things on the screen, you don't do it. whether it the laptop, either reader, tablet computer, mobile phone. you don't throw quite the same way as he do when you're reading in fact, that the subject of the next book. but what we know already is that you tend to skim. or worse, you tend to use the fine function. said the professor set up a key to write an essay. you look at the little snippet of what has been written and you ignore the rest of the content. what we know from the work of the cognitive ecologists is when you read a regular webpage, what you do instead is what you describe is the best pattern. the first line of text you probably
. lindsay moran, shows us how mushrooms may replace polystyrene packaging. i'm phil torres, that's our team of scientists, now let's do some science. ♪ ♪ >> it has been another fantastic week of science on the road. we've got crystal, lindsay and marita here. marita, you were basically a very high tech firefighter for a week. tell me about this. >> i was on a story to tell us how we fight the rim fire in yosemite. here it is. this is a very unusual piece of technology. it almost looks like an alien insect. they've got it in a hangar and they're going to fly it up to yosemite and going to be eyes in the sky to generate action from the ground. let's check it out. the size and scope of the wildfire burning in yosemite national park is astounding. larger than the city of chicago at a cost of more than $100 million. the fire that is destroying hundreds of square miles of sensitive ecosystem habitat, for assistance in controlling this inferno, firefighters are turning to the u.s. military for help. called into service and flying high above the flames and smoke of yosemite is the m 1 drone. f
clean energy is interested in allowing us to develop or join into their program but you are saying this option 3 may be easier because it protects their autonomy and also our differences as a much larger population to have more autonomy for us to have some kind of joint hybrid like that. >> right. the -- how marin would do it is through a separate jpa agreement and so mr. freed's option 3 is not where we want to go they would want the liability and a lot of those issues to remain separate for this current program so they would want to have a separate and that's why they put it in a special consideration category it would have a separate agreement and assets and liabilities would be separate because we dwarf them. >> i appreciate all the work you have all done to try to get us to this point and i know it's been a challenge and frustrating from our standpoint because this is something we all care about and we all want to see move forward and our efforts are being hindered at this time by appointed members of the puc so i think we have to think differently to dispel some of the myth
will tell us about the company's global expansion plan and the keys to long-term growth. plus, the sweet success of kabam , the company behind the game "the hobbit." he discusses his push away from casual gaming. and the automobiles of the year for 2013. we will tell you this week rides to have top our list. all that and more over the next hour. first, headlines with carol massar. >> nike is out with its earnings after the closing bell. the sporting goods giant posted more than analysts estimate. posting fourth-quarter profits that beat analyst estimates as well. the cruise operator benefiting from higher ticket revenue and more onboard spending by passengers. that stock is getting 2% for the day. u.s. treasury secretary jack lew is warning congress that the u.s. -- is urging lawmakers to raise the federal debt limit weeks before then. attention target shoppers, your credit or debit card information may have been stolen by cyber thieves. according to target, data from 40 million cards may have been compromised. shopping between november 27 and december 15. target is working with law enfo
? >> of course areas we should recognize that without direct talks between iran and the u.s. we would never have reached a deal. progress -- progress with direct talks, again, it would fail. however, we should not limit talks to nuclear. we need to enter a broader dialogue. we have a crisis in afghanistan. the u.s. is a big player. iran is a big player. we have many common interests. we have a crisis in iraq. the u.s. is a big player. iran is a big later. to it is really interesting and the u.s.,iran in spite of all hostilities, they are supporting the same government. allies are opposing these governments. in syria, the major threat is really extremism and terrorism spilling over. iran and the u.s. can play a big role in controlling extremism and terrorism. they have good experience already in afghanistan, 2005, 2001. it was really great that the countries cooperated. this background can be used for the current problems. talksgh the nuclear should be followed between iran one, we wouldus need iran-u.s. dialogue, not on the nuclear. broader issues. it does not mean that the syrian crisis can onl
to the internet, especially high speed internet, as well as the skills and the knowledge to use those tools effectively. . >> the city is charged with coming up with digital inclusion. the department of telecommunications put together a 15 member san francisco tech connect task force. we want the digital inclusion program to make sure we address the needs of underserved vulnerable communities, not communities that are already very tech savvy. we are here to provide a, b and c to the seniors. a stands for access. b stands for basic skills and c stands for content. and unless we have all three, the monolingual chinese seniors are never going to be able to use the computer or the internet. >> a lot of the barrier is knowledge. people don't know that these computers are available to them, plus they don't know what is useful. >> there are so many businesses in the bay area that are constantly retiring their computer equipment that's perfectly good for home use. computers and internet access are helping everybody in the community and people who don't have it can come to us to help with that. one
us because it states the deep reali reality, and all around us and within us as well. there is darkness and light. in this night, as the spirit of darkness enfolds the world, we take a chance anew, the event that surprises us. a light which makes us reflect on this mystery. the mystery of walking and seeing. walking. the spirit makes us reflect on the course of history. that long journey which is the history of salvation, starting with abraham, our father in faith. whom the lord called to set out to go north from his country to the land which he would show him. from that time on, our identity as believers has been making its pilgrim way toward the promised land. this history has always been accompanied by the lord. he is ever faithful to his covenant and his promises. god is light, and in him there is no darkness. yet on the part of the people there are times of both light and darkness. fidelity and infidelity. obedience and rebellion. times of being a pilgrim -- >> bishop o'connell, he's talking about bright and dark moments, obviously trying to communicate to people
a federal judge to shed billions of dollars in debt in the largest bankruptcy in u.s. history. the national implications are huge because it sets the stages for financially strapped cities and states all across american to follow the same path and cut the money promised to unions, pension funds and retirees. in illinois, they ray proved the overall of the pension system and puerto rico deals with public debt as well. but nowhere are the debt woes as dire as in detroit. $18 billion in debt, and estimates $0.40 of every dollar collected are used to pay it off. that zaps funding for basic services and it could rise to $0.65 i$0.65 of every dollar iff does not come soon. today's ruling allows the city to go ahead with bankruptcy proceedings, the presiding judge said that the city would not have a you blank check. unions are not so sure. what's the latest from where you are. >> reporter: well, david, he immediately the city's emergency manager kevin orr is going to start working on a plan of adjustment or reorganization plan for the city, and he hopes to have a plan in place by the end of the ye
the months after that, leaf him here in the wrights. joining us here in the studio, she helped to organize nelson mandela's first tour after he was released from prison, and it was really quite soon after his release, can you take us back to that moment? it is june of 1990, and america is seeing nelson mandela, how emotional was it here? >> it was really pan polonium. it was. i remember when the mayor described him as the modern day black moses, and i think that for me, being part of the first national u.s. tour, i felt like i got a chance to see america at its best, because new york in particular went crazy. >> there were thousands of people in the streets. >> there were an estimated hundreds of thousands of people. from his first appearance in brooklyn, to the motor kade, with cuomo down broadway. people were crying. >> there were people with bannering saying irish for mandela, everybody in their offices were out, it was just an amazing and exhilarating moment. and i think that the whole idea of mandela, obviously he is part of a lineage, not just in south africa, but in terms of the ant
of the most violent cities in america to see how technology can help us fight crime? >> that's right. i went to oakland, california which has the 5th highest crime rate and nearby richmond which is among the top 20 to look at some very innovative technology that they are looking to increase the eyes and ears of the police force on the street. so let's have a look these are streets. >> i am not violating any law. >> in two san francisco bay area cities known for crime oakland and rimmond westbound. >> but now, police in both of these cities have high tech back-ups. electronic ears listening for gunfire, 24/7. he lectronic eyes monitoring police and perps alike. even the cars on this street. officer chris tong is patrolling the streets of richmond that. ding you hear is the sound of a license plate reader. watch what happens when he passes a stolen vehicle. >> it's just triggered on an unoccupied vehicle. turn around and take a look what we've got here. >> the unoccupied vehicle was a stolen nissan sentra caught by the high-speed infrared camera, a series of computer algorithims identified the
with how when you empower them up thinking. roo you will will will will will will the us. do i in. i did the pool. we were. you will they might be. he loves is it. we will and then like no other. sucks. the goods. does anything else. people who in nineteen sixty eight the school syllabus. tens of thousands. a citizen of the stadium. it is. it's raining pouring in. i liked seeing signs. when i sit in it. i do. believe it would be that all the memorials so this is expected to last maybe all is that the cynics for all its starting five bulk of the time in beijing by eating foods us president barack obama chinese biased as the new lunch hour. un chief ban ki moon. all of them will be speaking today at the ordinary people pull the ninety thousand of them have off a ride day at tsb stadium into this but kinda been trickling in on a rainy day it's been pouring in john is the deadlock as that of the top of the show that hasn't deterred the crowds they've been streaming in the can either take transport or are they can simply walk to the fb stadium and inside the stadium people are singing
and the u.s. government to stop data spying. >> an exclusive interview with t prime minister of japan. >> good morning to all of you in to thosed good evening in asia and those waking up in the united states. >> this is "pulse" from european headquarters in london. fiat is saudi to be planning a 9 a lion investment to have turnaround strategy. italians are making a surge into north america. we have the details now. it is about the americans. it is always about the americans. about europe, too. you look at the car market here, to be absolutely brutal for a turn these guys, to leveragee losses let's what you have been successful at and being the premium end of the market. orget the fee at pinto and go to the 500. wantss the one every lady a piece. >> and men. want to gender it but i did. $350,000. that is the car i would like. every man would like. but the money is going there and alfa romeo. and sell them where the 25% in ment rate is not europe but u.s. and the key point is they have the center in the shape of chrysler and logistics and car through the those routes. there is the ita
achieve the four goals, to find a system, and help us implement a system that is structure for government agencies instead of businesses and private businesses or non-for profit and also looking for implementer to help us to guide us through a new software that could provide us real time data instead of having to commingle information from various financial and accounting systems. we were also looking for a vendor that was or could help to guide us through the microsoft ax, software and help us identify how the authority should structure its processes, business processes and then lastly, we are looking for a vendor to help to implement a paperless system for our accounting practices. and we issued rfp back in august, we received a bid and the bid we met with them to interview in september, and we ended up deciding that tyler systems was the best consultant for us since they were also a co-developer in the microsoft ax system, and also have a lot of experience with the government entities of a staff of less than five that was important to me because of a lot of implementatio
the former peach orchard that's no use to store contaminated soil. they learned authorities were able to secure the use of such with the cooperation of locals. a new set of safety guidelines for nuclear facilities other than power plants has come into effect they will cover almost two hundred fifty facilities nationwide the rules are much stricter than before especially for reprocessing plant operators will need to take similar measures against savior accents as those who run nuclear plants in hk were all stacked up in the canary has more. in total two hundred and fourteen facilities across japan will be subject to conditions the new rules apply to new korean facilities such as nuclear fuel fabrication facility in kochi you back to perfection. as it can make the trade body the nrma approved the rules last month in response to the two thousand of an accent at the completion of nineteen you grandpa. we know who you say to feast on this lovely now considering to her feet above until conditions than other difficulties. you might think they have staked the the severity of the requirements
to allow consumers to ,pt out, totally or selectively from any cookies used to track their browsing activity across unaffiliated websites. that icon is a little triangle with an eye. >> usa the industry is trying to and find a way because you recognize this is a problem. >> i am a tech savvy guy and i never heard of this peer that is problematic to me. i am in fair -- i am very engaged in tech. so the industry is trying to correct what they know is a problem. >> you give consumers a choice, absolutely. >> ok. i am curious. there is so much positive year. the opportunity for big data to enrich our lives gets me excited about the future. these businesses have a wonderful public purpose but i worry about the darker side in the way my chairman is discussing. as sayingas simple chance heresy. this is -- transparency. how were you planning on using act tothority under ftc study and stay abreast of the industry and see if there are needs and opportunities like in this one where the industry is or selfecting regulating where we can get them to the point where we are balancing all of these i
with the faction led by us actively seeking a double and scalpel. the spanish kings traditional christmas eve but just ignore that on half the lithium tv for the first time in its fifty year history. it highlights growing separatists beginning in the northeastern region ironically king kong law school. the spanish units a month immortal god for many years. we walked side by side building a democracy. i won't post them all together we've results problems even more difficult than the ones we face today. use him and always with the same objective to reach a common goal the local one. fellow nationalists and use the vehicle was great to autonomy within spying. but recently of more radical independent smith and to spring up. also just off the appellants would but for full independence. but madrid says a proposed referendum next year would be unconstitutional and has backed the book. rhonda hundred and seventy migrants who are on the telly entire trip planned to do so has been evacuated. bill and send to have been designed to rise to a tent and fifty people for two days but instead would become mo
didn't listen. we are still to this day trying to shift u.s. policy to focus on diplomacy and less on war. namey did you change your to medea? >> that was a long time ago. i was 18 years old. i went to college. i started reading the greek myths. every month i would ask my friends to call me something different. my name was susan and i like the name medea. she was a powerful woman. i thought, aha. i will recover that name. i think it is convenient. >> we have watched you for years on this network at hearings. what you do at hearings? >> well, first the issue is getting into the hearings. i lived in san francisco. i lived in washington, d.c. for years ago. i never knew hearings were public. i do not think a lot of people know the hearings are public. the first is, how do get into them? most of the time it is a question of standing in line. i did a of standing in line. i was really exciting that there were such a thing as c-span that lets as here these hearings. what is exciting is going to these hearings. many come to washington and get into one of those hearings. it gives you tremen
>> you're in the stream. is money the secret to happiness? we'll explore what makes us happy, and why. >> lisa fletcher is out today, but we have our man as cohost. with all of the tweets and facebook messages, and omar, does more bling make you happy? what did they say? >> they have different ideas of whether obtaining more wealth brings happiness. we have elizabeth saying: >> for those of you at home, we want you to be part of this conversation. and let us know what makes you happy and what the connection is between money and happiness. >> a wife and jacked up truck. happiness, it's the most valued human emotion, for some, it's a strong sense of wellbeing, and for others, they think that more money will make them happy. >> what do you want out of life. >> to be happy. and to live a long happy life. >> what's going to make you successful and happy? what will make you feel successful and happy? >> right now, money. lots of money. >> all right, but does more money lead to more problems? according to a gallop poll, income has risen over the last 12 years, but happiness has
are going to face after earthquakes are fire hazard. we are happy to have the fire marshall join us today. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> we talk about the san francisco earthquake that was a fire that mostly devastated the city. how do we avoid that kind of problem. how can we reduce fire hazard? >> the construction was a lot different. we don't expect what we had then. we want to make sure with the gas heaters that the gas is shut off. >> if you shut it off you are going to have no hot water or heat. be careful not to shut it off unless you smell gas. >> absolutely because once you do shut it off you should have the utility company come in and turn it back on. here is a mock up of a gas hear the on a house. where would we find the gas meter? >> it should be in your garage. everyone should be familiar with where the gas meter is. >> one of the tools is a wrench, a crescent wrench. >> yes. the crescent wrench is good and this is a perfect example of how to have it so you can loosen it up and use it when you need it. >> okay. let's go inside to talk about fire safety. many of the issues her
ammunition to south korean troops. officials in tokyo say this is the first time japan is using its peacekeeping operations wall to provide the un with weapons. defense ministry it's notable that i and senior officials of the self defense forces decided to supply south korea with about ten thousand rounds of rifle ammunition. sds personnel taking part in the south sudan mission. all the ammunition. and she ate this decision was based on the situation on the ground the urgency of this issue and humanitarian concerns. then received a request from south korean troops deployed in the restive eastern state of joan delay. the self defense forces are the only members of the un mission to retain the same entity as the south koreans. fighting erupted in cheers of more than a week ago. the train south to the soldiers lowered to the present sell bikes here and it's those supporting former vice president. we wish our. the violence has spread to other regions armed groups assault that a un facility and johnny blaze last week killing at least a dozen people including peacekeepers from india the s
"inside story" is next. remember, check us out 24 hours a day at aljazeera.com. today, the inside story. hello, i'm ray swarez. after a brief flirtation and political opening, egypt is again cracking down on dissent, and is the streets of egypt cities again burst into chaos, the new military led government has moved against it's most powerful adversary. we will talk about the future and the fate of the muslim brotherhood on this edition after this background. >> most recently a home made box blast add bug, wounding five people. >> while i was driving the bus, an explosion hit the bus and all bus windows were smashed and four people were injured including one in a serious condition. on tuesday a suicide bomber hit the police headquarters killing 16 primarily police. the day after this attack, the temporary government declared it's top political a terrorist organization. saying the brotherhood is behind the latest violence. we declare the muslim brotherhood a terrorist group. the importance from the criminal law, the muslim brotherhood has denied the claim saying itdy nounsed violen
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